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General Information:

What is Playwithme?

Our banner says it all: "The ultimate live video chat site!"

Playwithme let's you watch and interact with thousands of the hottest webcam models in the world. You can just sit back watch a free (non-nude) chat or join a nude chat. You can even get really intimate with private one-on-one sessions with your favorite models. Get to know individual models through their profiles and let them get to know you by posting your own bio and photos. When you join a model's fan club you can read her online diary and email her directly.

Playwithme doesn't just let you watch your favorite models, but puts you up and close and personal with the sexiest, kinkiest models around!

How do I register as a model and broadcast on Playwithme?

Complete our online application process (simply follow the step by step instructions).

Once your documents are received and processed, a "Model's account" will be opened for you, and you will be emailed a confirmation. We are unable to approve partial submissions. To avoid delays, please make sure you all forms are completed and all images provided as requested. You may send all information in multiple emails (due to large file sizes), but ALL EMAILS MUST BE SENT AT THE SAME TIME.

We must have documentation on file for anyone appearing on camera. You may NOT invite a friend to join your show unless they have submitted all their documentation prior to your broadcast. Violations may lead to immediate termination of your account.

We highly recommend our online process, however if you do choose to submit manually,

You can-
  1. Email your documentation to:
  2. Mail your application package to:
    Attn. : Model's Department-Model Applications
    910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
    Campbell, CA 95008, USA

You can also call:

  • Tel (USA & International): (408)702-1048

Thank you !
We look forward to working with you !

What do I get if I decide to broadcast on Playwithme?

First off, financial freedom! Plan on making more money that you thought possible! We're going to do whatever we can to make it all come true for you.

Here’s a list of the services you’ll receive when you join the Playwithme family:

  • Your own live show site in which you can have an unlimited number of viewers.
  • A huge video and photo archive to entertain your clients - even when you're not online.
  • The ability to view up-to-the-minute statistics of your shows 24/7!
  • Tons of traffic, which means tons of money for you to make!
  • The ability to do private chats and get to know your fans, so they’ll keep come back and you’ll earn even more money!
  • Very easy to use software... it's a breeze!
  • A friendly and reliable support staff to help you with any trouble you may have.

What we handle so you don't have to:

  • All bandwidth costs
  • Hosting from a state-of-the-art online broadcast facility
  • Management of all web, video, and chat servers
  • All costs of webmaster and referral programs

Are models on the site considered employees of Playwithme?

All models and broadcasters on Playwithme are autonomous, work from remote private premises, and are neither employees nor independent contractors of Playwithme. Playwithme exercises no control over the images the models and broadcasters display.

What kind of hardware and software do I need to broadcast on Playwithme?

The hardware requirements are simple:

  1. We support any Operating System thatcan successfully run the Flash browser plugin including Windows, Mac OSX andLinux.
  2. USB or Firewire Webcam
    This is highly recommended! We suggest the Logitech line of Webcams. For more information click here.
  3. Video Camera
    Any newer digital camcorders ( Sony, JVC, etc. ) with USB 2.0 or Firewire connections are highly recommended. Digital camcorders will provide the best video quality.
  4. Broadband Internet Connection
    DSL, Cable modem, or better (You will need to show proof of your connection).
If you have questions, feel free to contact our tech support at

What is the set-up process?

Once your contract, 2257 Compliance, and other paperwork are on file, you will be set up with a "Studio" - a virtual broadcasting center - and a "Stream" - the actual broadcast signal - will be assigned to you. A Studio can run multiple streams. A model can only belong to one studio, but can be assigned to multiple streams. You will be informed via email when your stream is built and assigned to you, and then you're ready to go!

Each stream is assigned to a specific model or models; models MAY NOT, for any reason, perform on a stream to which they are not assigned. If you want to perform as part of a couple in a show, both models must be assigned to that stream (both models, however, are NOT required to be present for a show on that particular stream).

If you are in charge of your own Studio, you will have to log in as the Studio and send an email to Customer Service to add/remove models and streams.

When private individuals sign up to be models, a Studio account is created for them at the same time in the event s/he decides to expand (i.e. add models and/or streams) in future. If you're one person operating a single stream, all you need is your Model account and login to work. If you do chose to expand, contact Customer Service to get your Studio information.

I already have my cam on the Internet. Can I list with Playwithme as well?

Yes. Sign-up with Playwithme by visiting You won't believe how easy it is!

Is your site secure?

Yes, our site is secure. Playwithme uses the latest technology to ensure that your personal information and your privacy is always maintained.


Chat Types and Rules

Chat Types

  1. Free Chats
    1. Free chat is an interactive chat that serves as a "teaser" to help you draw paying customers into Private Chat. Nudity is allowed in Free Chat as long as genitals are not exposed and the show is not explicit.
    2. Tipping Chat allows members to leave tips, make requests, and contribute to your tipping goal. You may encourage members to tip in order to view a special show once the goal has been hit. Private shows are disabled during tipping chat so you and your viewers can focus on reaching the tipping goal. Please note that you can only be nude after you start your tipping show.
  2. Paid Chats are pay-per-minute shows where you can engage in any legal sexual behavior you feel comfortable with.
    1. Private Chat – intimate, one-on-one shows initiated by the member during Free Chat. This is typically the best paying show per minute, and is a great opportunity to build a loyal following. Your private chats are recorded, and will appear in your Recorded Shows.
    2. Cam2Cam – this is a Private Chat that lets the member broadcast themselves to you for a heightened experience. This is the top-paying show per minute and can only be initiated by the member. (They select this option at the point where they opt in to a Private Chat. It cannot be activated once in the Private Chat.)
    3. Party Chat – allows you to have paid chats with multiple members at the same time (including voyeurs). You have full control over the price of Private and Party Chat and can enable or disable either chat from the Price Settings page.
    4. Voyeurs – members who pay per minute to watch your private shows, but cannot see chat text or hear any sound. Voyeurs will have eyes next to their name in your broadcast window.
    5. Exclusive Chat – similar to Private Chat, but voyeurs are not allowed to watch.
    6. Nude Chat – a pay-per-minute chat that can be viewed by multiple members. This is an excellent way to make money fast as loyal Fan Club members, recurring customers, and new customers can all view your stream at the same time. You must be nude during Nude Chat, and can be sexually explicit if you choose.

Chat Rules

Our compliance team continuously records screen captures from all performers’ broadcasts to ensure they adhere to our chat guidelines. It is at our sole discretion to determine whether or not a performer’s action violates these guidelines. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Please read the following rules and reach out to if you have any questions.

Basic Rules for all Chat Types

  1. Primary models must be present during the broadcast.
  2. Primary Models who wish to perform with another model must choose Broadcast with Guests when the broadcaster is launched. Only models with approved accounts can be guest models.
  3. No one under 18 can appear in any broadcast.
  4. Absolutely NO children or animals.
  5. Broadcast must show the performer’s face for a minimum of two minutes so that identity can be established.
  6. You MAY NOT promote other websites via speech or chat, or give out any outside email address.
  7. No weapons can be displayed (i.e. guns, knives, swords, etc.).
  8. No urination or defecation.
  9. No use of recordings or still images; all broadcasts must be live.
  10. No use of illegal drugs.
  11. No activities which would be considered obscene (i.e. behavior that is in violation of site Terms of Use or state and/or federal laws from where you broadcast such as underage depictions (trying to look like a minor), defecation during performance, bestiality, etc.).

Free Chat - These rules apply to ALL models during Free Chat sessions. We strictly advise you to understand and follow these rules in addition to the Basic Rules.

  1. Nudity is allowed as long as you are not displaying your genitals or engaging in any explicit behavior.
  2. Sexual simulation with a toy while clothed is allowed.
  3. No excessive massaging or masturbation (i.e. physical satisfaction by way of excess bodily fluids). will rigorously enforce the aforementioned rules, regardless of what was or was not allowed in the past. Cams will take screen shots of any violations and immediately, without warning, terminate your access according to the following schedule:

  • First offense: 24 hours
  • Second offense: 72 hours
  • Third offense: one week (7 days)
  • Fourth offense: permanent license and/or access suspended.

What are tags?

Tagging is a feature that will help you increase visibility and get more members into your room. By using hashtags in your chatroom topic when broadcasting, you will be automatically listed in the new hashtag search feature. The system will grab your hashtags and automatically display your room under the hashtag categories on the Tags page. We have also expanded the chatroom topic character limit to 100 characters, so you can list more hashtags.

How do I start broadcasting my stream?

Click on the Broadcast Now button in the top right corner. You will be asked to read and accept our Terms of Service; you MUST read all the way to the bottom in order to accept the terms. Click the check box acknowledging that you've read the Terms, and then click the "Begin Broadcasting" button.When you're ready to start broadcasting, click the "Broadcast Now!" button. The Adobe Flash Player settings dialog box will pop up; click the "Allow" button. You will now be broadcasting a live signal in Free Chat. An image of what your viewers are seeing will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. You can change your broadcast to Nude Chat by clicking on the "Broadcast Settings" button.Make sure you're familiar with the different rules for Free and Nude shows before starting a broadcast.

How do I use tags?

All you need to do is list tags in your chat window. For example, if you make your current chatroom topic: “Doing a Toy Show… Buzzer Inside Pussy! #ohmibod #smalltits #tattoos,” your room will display under these three hashtag categories on the Tags page. It’s a whole new way to get new members in your room who are looking for something specific. Type your favorite tags and game the system by getting in on the day’s most popular tag. You never know what will be trending from one day to the next!

How do I improve my visibility using Tags?

Tagging is a great way to get new members in your room who are looking for something specific. Type your favorite tags and game the system by getting in on the day’s most popular tag. All you need to do is list tags in your chat window. For example, if you make your current chatroom topic: “Doing a Toy Show… Buzzer Inside Pussy! #ohmibod #smalltits #tattoos,” your room will display under these three hashtag categories on the Tags page. Members looking for specialized models will quickly and easily find your room displayed within the hashtag categories that you are currently tagging in your chatroom.

Can I broadcast recorded video?

No. Recorded video is NOT allowed.

Any stream operator violating this policy, will be held responsible for any complaints or charges that occur due to the showing of pre-recorded material. The stream operator may also be suspended or terminated for the violation.

What is a member?

Web-surfers who visit Playwithme are called Members. Members can interact and conduct business with any Playwithme broadcaster after purchasing credits through our secure commerce server.

What is Cam2Cam and how do I use it?

Cam2Cam is not just for private anymore. Now you can use Cam2Cam in Free Chat (NON ‒ nude), Private Chat, or Nude Chat. Get higher ratings, move higher on the line up, keep your customers coming back for more, get your percentage of extra charges - advertise Cam2Cam.

To use Cam2Cam ‒

  1. Customer has full control of starting Cam2Cam. Entice the customers to start Cam2Cam with you.
  2. When Cam2Cam has been started, you will see the customer video in two places: one above the chat text and the other in your video screen.
  3. You can have more than one Cam2Cam customer and you can choose who shows in your video screen. To choose, click the customer cam of your choice from the cams above your chat screen.
  4. You can change the size of the customer cam showing in your video screen by left clicking the corner and dragging the mouse.

Remember, customers can start Cam2Cam before entering a show, and will stay in Cam2Cam mode for the show.



Your Streamray team

How do I set up/use Quick Text phrases for my Chat sessions?

You can create and edit quick phrases to use in Chat by setting your Quick Text.

Go to your My Account section and click the Quick Text link under Personal Preferences. From here, you can add up to ten phrases that might come in handy during a chat session. Phrases that invite a member to initiate a Private Chat and greet new arrivals tend to be popular choices. When you're done, click the "Update" button.

To use the quick text in chat, click the quick text drop down and choose the phrase from the list that you wish to use in the chat. The corresponding phrase will appear in your chat dialogue box. (you'll still have to "send" it into the chat).

Keep in mind that all entries are reviewed before you're able to use them live on the site. DO NOT include personal or contact information, or advertise another website. Violations may result in the termination of your account.

How do I switch between a Free and a Nude Chat?

When you start broadcast, go to your broadcast setting and check the nude chat box, then click "OK". You cannot switch between the two in mid-chat; you must stop the broadcast and start a new broadcast with the chat of your choice.

Can I go into a Private Chat from a Nude Chat?

No. Private Chats cannot be declined, so it doesn't make much sense to drop five paying viewers in favor of one. Private Chats can only be started from a Free Chat.

What does the "$" in the Room List mean?

Members who enter your room with credit in their account will be denoted by a "$" next to their username in the Room List box (if you have speakers, you'll also here the "cha-ching!" sound effect). The more "$" signs appear next to the member's username, the more credit is in their account, to a maximum of four "$$$$."

How do I block/unblock users?

To ban a member, you must first click the “Ignore” button next to their username. This will send them to the “Ignored Members” area – from there you can select the “Ban” option and choose the reason for which you’d like to ban them. You’ll then be taken to a confirmation page where you’ll be asked to provide further details before submitting your request. The member will not be able to see your comments.

Once your request has been submitted, it will be reviewed promptly .You can check the status of a pending request any time from the Block/Unblock page.

What do I do if a member repeatedly asks me for personal information?

Do NOT, under any circumstances, give personal information out. If you choose, you can Block and member from your chat, or Kick him out of the room. Kick removes the member from the room, but leaves them free to return. Blocking permanently removes the member from your chat and prevents them from emailing you. See here for more details on the Blocking/Unblocking functions.

To Kick or Block a member in chat, highlight their username in the room list and click the "Actions" button. From the pop-up menu, select either "Kick Viewer" or "Ban Viewer."

If problems or gross violations persist, report it immediately by clicking the "Report Abuse" link at the bottom of any page and filling out the form.

How do I broadcast in HD?

The HD icon indicates that a show is available in high definition, bringing a smoothness, clarity and quality unmatched by other methods.

Benefits to broadcasting in HD:

  • HD models get a rankings boost, and will be seen higher on the “Who’s Online Now” page.
  • HD models have a prominent "HD" icon in their thumbnail.
  • HD offers the greatest experience to your fans, allowing you to charge your maximum rate.
You can broadcast in HD without any special software as long as you have an HD webcam. You may also use third-party broadcasting software. We recommend Open Broadcast Software (OBS), which delivers better broadcast quality. We also support Adobe FMLE.

How to broadcast in HD using an HD Webcam without special software

To use OBS or FMLE follow the steps below:

If you no longer wish to use the software, here is how you can uninstall them:

What is the Whisper Feature?

This enables viewers to send you secret messages that cannot be viewed by others in the chat room.

What are the rules for broadcasting with a guest?

Primary Models who wish to broadcast with other models can now invite guests to perform in the broadcast together.

  • Primary Models who wish to perform with another model must choose Broadcast with Guests when the broadcaster is launched.
  • Only models with approved accounts can be guest models.
  • To select a Guest Model: begin typing the stream name of the Guest Model and select the name from the menu provided.
  • Guest Models will be required to enter their password for verification.
  • The Primary Model must be on screen with guests at all times. The guest is not required to be present at all times.


How do I get paid?

Streamray Inc. no longer pays models working for studios directly; we pay the studio, who in turn pays you according to their own pay schedules. If you work under a Studio, please contact your supervisor with any payroll questions.

Independent Models who do not work for a Studio are automatically set up with a Studio account when they sign up with Playwithme. Click here to log in to your Studio account for more information on billing schedules.

If you have any further billing questions, contact us at

How does Playwithme guard against fraudulent chargebacks that can affect my earnings?

Lately there have been questions about chargebacks and why they are occurring so fast. We have been taking the OBVIOUS incidents of fraud and immediately returning the money by voiding the transaction or crediting back the card. "Obvious fraud" is usually defined as an IP tracing out of the country but with a US address, or an obvious fraud pattern (i.e. multiple email addresses or multiple passwords that are exactly the same). In the past, we would have terminated a fraudulent account and waited for a chargeback from the bank or a call from the cardholder; this process could take up to two months or more. With our new processors, we are now able to IMMEDIATELY void a transaction or re-credit a defrauded card.

The decision was made to take the offensive and give the money back immediately to save Streamray from $25.00 chargeback fees from the bank, a fee that applies for every purchase; five $20.00 transactions would cost Streamray (5 x $25.00) $125.00. These chargeback fees were never passed on to the models. Streamray took those losses. However, if Streamray does not keep the chargebacks to a minimum, we could lose our merchant accounts. With no merchant account, there is no credit card processing. Which means there is no way for our members to buy credits to watch our models' shows. It therefore absolutely imperative that we keep chargebacks to a minimum!

Fraud is a big problem in the adult industry. We are fighting as hard as we can to stop the fraudulent purchases. A lot of you know us, and you know we are on your side. If there is a fraudulent purchase we all lose money. Streamray takes the loss just as you take the loss. By taking away this money immediately, we insure that we are able to A.) keep operating, and by extension, B.) keep you operating, with an accurate gauge of your finances to work from.

During the 90 days after the first broadcast, you will be responsible for any chargebacks from Private Call, Private Chat, Tipping Chat, Party Chat, Nude Chat, Voyeur Chat, Cam-2-Cam, Recorded shows, Tips, Virtual gifts and Fan Club Memberships. After 90 days, we will bear all the chargebacks other than for Tips, Virtual Gifts and Fan Club Memberships. Please note that you will be responsible for all the chargebacks in instances where you are involved in fraud.

If there are any questions about a specific user or chargebacks, please contact us and we will let you know the circumstances of the account and the chargeback. Just email

What is the difference between a Chargeback and a Credit?

While chargebacks are purely a result of fraud, a credit is defined as a refund for a bad show. Maybe you weren't in front of the camera in Nude or Private Chat, the video froze, or other technical problems occurred. Credits are rare, but do happen on occasion. Streamray does not return money unless we feel there was an actual problem, rather than a subjective opinion. In most cases, we will contact you to ask about the show in question before any action is taken.

If there are any questions, please contact us and we will let you know the circumstances of the account and the credit. Just email

Who do I contact about billing questions or problems?

Billing Support is available via phone and e-mail.

Billing support answers all your questions about when and how you get paid.

Contact Information
Weekdays 9am - 5pm PST:

Weekends and Holidays:
Offices Closed

E-mail (answered on next business day):

What are the premium services that I get paid for?

Models are paid when a member views you in Private Chat or in Nude Chat, when a member joins your Fan Club, or when they view your Pre-Recorded Shows. Chats and Pre-Recorded Shows pay based on how long the member(s) views you, on a per-minute/per viewer basis. Fan Clubs are based on a monthly fee, with discounted renewal rates.

Models are NOT paid while in Free Chat, when members access their photos, or when a member upgrades to Premiere level. Fan Club members can access your pre-recorded shows for free.

Click here for information on how to change the per-minute prices you charge in Chats.

Your Account:

How can I check my earnings?

You can see your earnings (in US dollars) by going to the My Earnings page. Your earnings for the last pay period (and those dates) will be listed on the right.

You can also run reports for your earnings by either using the quick links on the left ("Last 24 Hours," etc.) or create a custom report by selecting a date range and/or a specific service using the drop-down menus and clicking the "Show Report" button.

How can I make the most money in tipping chat?

We encourage you to have fun so feel free to play music, chat and joke with the members, and have a good time. You may find that a party-like atmosphere, especially one that features nudity and sexual play, can generate a lot of tips for you!

Be inventive: try a special costume, or play out a new tease or fantasy. The more original you are, the more tips you will generate from your customers.

What information do I get to track my tips?

The broadcaster helps you keep track of your tips:

  • Each viewer's tips are shown according to username.
  • "Total Tips from this session" lets you know when a tipping target has been reached. (Remember to "Reset" the counter if you plan on repeating the same offer or starting a different one.)

How do I change my pricing?

To change your pricing for Nude and Private Chats, go to the My Earnings section and click the "Pricing" link on the bottom left. From here, use the drop-down menus to change the prices you wish to charge per minute, and click the "Update" button when you're finished.

How do I update my payment information?

To change your payment information, go to the My Earnings section and click the "Payment Info" link on the bottom left. Fill out the address you want payments sent to, and click the "Update" button when you're finished.

If you have any questions or need to alter your method of payment, contact

How do I protect my identity? How much information should I give out to users?

Protect your personal information! If you receive any emails, from anyone, that asks you to enter your personal information (UserID, Passwords, Identification numbers etc), report it immediately by clicking the "Report Abuse" link at the bottom of any page and filling out the form. Do NOT give this information. These are fraudulent emails and are NOT from Streamray, Inc. If the page you are directed to is not one of the Streamray sites (,, etc.), DO NOT enter your model information.

If I forget my password or username, what do I do?

Simply click here for our automated password/username lookup form.

You can also request your password or login by emailing or contacting our models department at toll free (408)702-1112 (Local) and (888) 546-0188 (Toll free domestic)

Note: If you’ve changed your email address recently, Playwithme will verify the new address by changing your password and sending the new password to the new email address.

Can a model/broadcaster change her name/handle name?

You cannot change your stream name under any circumstance. You will have to create a new stream name if you wish to broadcast under a different name.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password:

  1. Enter your username and password to login.
  2. Click on the "My Account" link at the top of any page.
  3. Click on the "Email Address/Password" link in Personal Preferences.
  4. Enter your old and new passwords in the appropriate boxes and click on the "Update" button.

What if it says that my password is incorrect?

There could be several reasons why your password and username are not matching up. Try using your browser's "back" button to return to the login screen. Clear the fields and enter your information again. If this still doesn’t work, use the “forgot login” link located under where you normally enter your user ID and password. You may also request your password or login by emailing or contacting our models department at (888) 546-0188 (Toll free domestic) and (408)702-1112 (International).

  1. Your account may have been deleted during our review process. Please check your email inbox for a notice regarding this matter.
  2. You've updated your account and have a new password. Please check your email inbox for your new password and try to login again.
  3. Please clear your browser’s cache, and make sure you aren't using a Bookmark or Hotlist link.

How do I submit a suggestion or comment to Playwithme?

If you have a comment or suggestion for a new or better feature on Playwithme, please send an email our Customer Service Department.

How do I get help with technical questions?

Technical Support is available by phone and e-mail. Please check any and all support documents before contacting technical support for assistance.

Contact Information:
Seven days a week
Call (408)702-1112
Toll free domestic (888) 546-0188
E-mail (answered on next business day):

Note: We ONLY provide support for the Flash Broadcast Application, our websitesand other services, and general hardware configuration questions. All otherissues must be referred to the manufacturer or providers of the product orservice in question (i.e. for Outlook Express, call Microsoft; for a connectionproblem, call your ISP).

How do I permanently delete my account?

You must contact our customer service department to delete your account. Be ready to provide your real name, your Model Alias Name, and your password to verify your identity.

Send an email to ourCustomer Service Department. or send postal mail to:

Streamray, Inc.Attn. Customer Service
910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
Campbell, CA 95008, USA

What's the difference between my Private Gallery and Show Photos?

Your Private Gallery only contains photos you upload, and can be from any source, so long as they conform to our Terms of Use. Your Show Photos are all screen captures of sessions you have performed on Playwithme, and are all selected and posted on your Bio by Playwithme personnel. Private Galleries give you more control and flexibility to post the images you want to show the members.

Premiere and your Fan Club members can access both the Private Gallery and Show Photos. Basic members can access Show Photos; they cannot access Private Gallery images until they upgrade or join your Fan Club.

Click here for more information on how to upload photos to your Private Gallery.

Your Profile:

Do model profiles have to be approved? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

All profiles go through an approval process. Profiles must conform to Playwithme's Terms of Service in terms of content, but there are no length requirements and few restrictions regarding adult material. Models who plan to build strong client bases, however, should put some effort into their profile.

How do I edit the personal stats that appear on my Bio page?

From your Home page or your My Accounts page, click on the "Update Bio" link. From here, you can update your stats, interests, and profile. When finished, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.

Updates to your Bio information may be subject to review, and as such, may not immediately post live to the site.

How do I change my schedule?

Go to the My Accounts section, and click the "Schedule" link under Personal Preferences. From here, you can select days you will be available and Start and Stop times; click the "Add" button when you are finished.

Note: when setting a schedule, be sure to verify the local time in the box above, and update it if necessary.

It's a good idea for models to keep to the schedules they set in order to build a regular and local group of viewers. If you are not able to broadcast on a set schedule, you might be better off leaving your schedule blank.

How do I upload photos to my profile?

Adding photos to your profile is an excellent idea that will help the members get to know you even better. Your Private Gallery photos are only accessible to Premiere members or your Fan Club.

To upload your photos:

  1. Enter your username and password to login.
  2. Click on the "My Account" link at the top of any page.
  3. Click on the "Photos" link.
  4. Click on the "Upload a Photo" link in the slot that you want to upload the photo to.
  5. Click on "Browse" and select the photo file you want to upload.
  6. Click "Upload Photo".
Please make sure the photo that you upload conforms to our Terms of Use. Any photo you upload must meet these criteria:
  • Must be in Gif or Jpg (jpeg) format
  • No larger than 4 MB in file size
  • Not a copyrighted photo or image

You can delete an uploaded photo just by clicking on the "Delete Photo" link in the slot where you want to delete the photo.

If you are having difficulties uploading a photo and would like us to post a photo to your profile for you, then you can send us a copy of the photo by postal mail to:

PlaywithmeAttn: Photo Department
910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
Campbell, CA 95008, USA

Make sure to include your username, password, and what website you are a member of (if sending via snail mail, please include a $15 USD check or money order. No cash please. If you send a photo via a disk, the handling charge is $5).

Note: All photos are subject to our approval process and may take anywhere between 24-72 hours to review.

What's the difference between my Private Gallery and Show Photos?

Your Private Gallery only contains photos you upload, and can be from any source, so long as they conform to our Terms of Use. Your Show Photos are all screen captures of sessions you have performed on Playwithme, and are all selected and posted on your Bio by Playwithme personnel. Private Galleries give you more control and flexibility to post the images you want to show the members.

Premiere and your Fan Club members can access both the Private Gallery and Show Photos. Basic members can access Show Photos for a fee; they cannot access Private Gallery images until they upgrade or join your Fan Club.

Click here for more information on how to upload photos to your Private Gallery.

Other Features:

What are Fan Clubs?

Fan Clubs are a great way to earn extra money and build a loyal following of members who will regularly view your premium chats. Any member can join your Fan Club for an additional fee, so the more Fans you have, the more money you'll make! Members of your Fan Club get discounts when they access your premium shows, and get free access to your pre-recorded shows. They also have the ability email you at your Playwithme address, view all your photos, and generally get to know their favorite model - You! - a little better.

You do not have the option to restrict a member from your fan club. You can, however, still block a member's email and chat if they are abusive in some way. If problems or gross violations persist, report it immediately by clicking the "Report Abuse" link at the bottom of any page and filling out the form.

You can encourage anyone in any chat to join your fan club.

How does the Model Rating system work?

A member who views a model for one minute or more in either Nude or Private Chat has the option to rate the show on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) on how much they enjoyed the show, your appearance, whether or not they would view another premium show with you, and an overall score. These ratings are visible to all members on your Bio page, and can affect how much new business you get.

Members in Free Chat, or who stay in a premium chat for less than a minute, are not allowed to give a rating.

How do the Pre-Recorded Shows and My Show Photos work?

Playwithme picks out several of your best shows (and screen captures from them) and posts them on your public account for members to access.

Neither models nor Studios have any part of this process, but are still paid a percentage when a member accesses the Pre-Recorded Shows (NOT, however, when the Show Photos are viewed), so you can still make money on a great session weeks and months later, without having to do a single thing!

What is the "Sexy Friends" feature and how do I use it?

You can create and maintain a page of fellow models on Playwithme who you like and/or correspond with by making a Sexy Friends list.

To get started, go to your Home page and click the "View All" link next to "Streams Online Now." This will bring up a list of all the models currently online. Click the "Bio" link under any model's Bio.

Now just click the "Add to Sexy Friends list" link on the left, and that model's photo will show up on your Sexy Friends list. Members will be able to see and link to her Bio directly from your Bio page!

You can manage your Sexy Friend list from your Fan Club page.

How do I email members and reply to email?

To send an email to a member, you must go to their profile page. Login to your account and click the member's username under "My Recent Visitors." Then scroll down to the "Send Message" area and fill out the text boxes. You can also attach pictures if you want using the "Browse" buttons. Click the "Click to send the above message" button to send the email.

To check and respond to the email members have sent you, go into your Message Center. From your Home Page, click the link in the upper left hand corner telling you how many messages you have.

From your Message Center, you can click any email to open it. To respond, click the "Reply" button. You can also delete the email, view the sender's profile, initiate a Block or view all the emails sent by that member from here.

How can I write reminder notes about a particular member?

If you want to keep notes on a particular member, especially one who spends a lot of money and time with you, it's easy to do... and can make your sessions with that member into something they'll come back for time and time again.

Just login to your account and click a member's username to get to their profile page. Scroll down to the "Update My Notes" area and fill out the text box. Click the "Record Note" button to save the note.

What are "tokens"?

Tokens are the form of virtual currency used by members to spend on tips, gifts, games or show minutes. Members buy tokens in packages and any unspent tokens are stored in a virtual wallet. Tokens do not have a set conversion value. You will enter the dollar amount you want per service offered and we will calculate the amount of tokens to deduct from the members wallet.